A map of my images so far

I have several aims with making the images that are a major part of this project: to explore creative collaborations with AI, to create a collection of images depicting distant future AI creation myths and to think through some of the big questions about AI & robotics by making things about AI & robotics, with AI & robotics.

The robots and I started by making a few different myth images using a few different techniques. The results of each phase of image making influence the next phase, and experiences with one kind of experimentation lead to ideas for a different kind of experimentation. I have tried to capture this graphically below. Each postage stamp sized image is accompanied by the medium (blue text) and technique (red text) it was produced with. Some of the images have titles, and a few are just test images. I numbered them so that I can refer to them easily. The arrows show how one image inspired or influenced another, and often the arrows also indicate some kind of technique or technological development was required to proceed from one to the other, as with printing on reflective surfaces, or using facial recognition to build a large dataset to train a GAN.

The topmost group of these images are composites, the next group down deal with gilding and style transfer, and the bottom-most images are produced directly by GANs. I haven’t added much detail about the robotic experiments yet.