Making pictures

My process is to create raw materials using neural networks (GANs), composite them together by hand, and transfer the results to a gilded panel. For now, I am creating the designs inscribed on gold by hand in Illustrator. The process … Read More

Inkjet and water gilding

My project imagines stories told through pictures by distant future artificial intelligent machines, who rummage through humanity’s physical traces, finding mostly e-waste and some preserved works of art. I am training neural networks (GANs) to create new images from large … Read More

New figures, new faces

I’ve been using faces extracted from Renaissance paintings to train the neural networks (GANs) and create “new” faces and portraits. I am collaborating with these neural networks to make portraits of what distant future artificially intelligent machines might remember as … Read More

Transfer learning

I hoped that transfer learning would allow me to do more with less. Less training data, less computing power, and less time. In the context of image generation with GANs, transfer learning means taking a neural network (GAN) trained on … Read More