Making faces with GANGogh

I wanted to see if I could pre-train a network on various kinds of art before adding my Renaissance faces dataset. Maybe, like with generalized Style Transfer, the network would pick up some general insights about images from the larger … Read More

A map of my images so far

I have several aims with making the images that are a major part of this project: to explore creative collaborations with AI, to create a collection of images depicting distant future AI creation myths and to think through some of … Read More

What do machines see?

Earlier this week I adapted a computer vision technique intended for photos to isolate the faces in 2500 early Renaissance paintings from I am hoping to create new faces from these using a GAN, in order to represent how … Read More

Getting Started with GANs

For the last two weeks I have focused on concepts and techniques for creating mythological images. Generally, I come up with a mythological scenario and then create the image around it – the civilization of machines being unearthed from the … Read More