A map of my images so far

I have several aims with making the images that are a major part of this project: to explore creative collaborations with AI, to create a collection of images depicting distant future AI creation myths and to think through some of … Read More

What do machines see?

Earlier this week I adapted a computer vision technique intended for photos to isolate the faces in 2500 early Renaissance paintings from wikiart.org. I am hoping to create new faces from these using a GAN, in order to represent how … Read More

Getting Started with GANs

For the last two weeks I have focused on concepts and techniques for creating mythological images. Generally, I come up with a mythological scenario and then create the image around it – the civilization of machines being unearthed from the … Read More

Compositing the Myths

How to make the images? In my last blog post, “Is It Art?” I questioned whether making composite images from the output of other people’s GANs was an appropriate approach. (A GAN is a type of neural network for image … Read More

Is It Art?

As I mentioned in a previous post (“A Big Change in the World of GAN Image-Making”), Kate and I had been discussing compositing creation myth images out of the images made by neural networks, and the images they’re trained on.  … Read More