Chris Luginbuhl I am a Toronto-based engineer, artist and photograher In my still photography, I focus on urban, studio and editorial work to tell the stories of educators, non-profits and new businesses. My video work has a similarly socially engaged … Read More

How do neural networks “understand” an image?

All of the techniques I am using for image generation resulted from research into image classification, which is the ability for a computer to locate and name objects in a visual image. This is effortless for humans, but turned out … Read More

A map of my images so far

I have several aims with making the images that are a major part of this project: to explore creative collaborations with AI, to create a collection of images depicting distant future AI creation myths and to think through some of … Read More

Computer Vision finding old faces and making new ones

What would future artificially intelligent machines think humans looked like if they’d never seen one? With only scattered fragments of data about our time, they might try to reconstruct our history from scraps – after all, history and archaeology is … Read More

What do machines see?

Earlier this week I adapted a computer vision technique intended for photos to isolate the faces in 2500 early Renaissance paintings from wikiart.org. I am hoping to create new faces from these using a GAN, in order to represent how … Read More

Creation myths with CycleGAN

The first and simplest GANs such as DC GANs produce images that mimic the images they were trained on. (See the black and white digits produced by a DC GAN in the blog post Getting Started with GANs). Others have … Read More